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Drycycle saddle bag

Stylish, multifunctional & waterproof

Our saddlebags are handmade by one of the best seamstresses in Tallinn, who specializes in sewing luggage cases and bags. Every layer is made out of completely reused materials. The outer fabric/leather layer and the inner satin layer are from Estonia's sofa factory scraps and in between the two layers is a hidden waterproof layer, which is made out of scraps from the tent industry. The saddle covers are also made out of the hydrophobic tent material - this way we keep your personal belongings dry in the storage compartment and ensure it's waterproof!


Drycycle saddle cover

Keeps your seat dry even on the rainiest of days!

Our saddle covers are made out of tent factory scraps - the ideal waterproof material! In just a few shakes every single water droplet will pour off and you can be confident, that you can sit on a dry saddle and continue cycling. The edges of the saddle cover have a rubber cord installed, which you can tighten into shape according to the size of your saddle. In addition to the saddle, you can put the cover over your saddlebag, so it doesn't get dirty while cycling!

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